Collaboration between employers and the City of Stockholm

The City of Stockholm collaborates with organizations and companies to increase the number of job opportunities. You as an employer can contribute through various initiatives and networks.

Corona virus

We know that the corona crisis affects all employers and that the situation for many of you is critical. We actively follow the development in all industries due to the current situation and the challenges that many industries in the business community are facing right now.

If you as an employer are in need of employees, contact us and we will try to help.

Changed conditions in the labor market

During the crisis, new business opportunities and new needs for skills supply also arise. We receive and welcome initiatives from both companies and civil society that want to help solve the situation both here and now and in the future.

We have, for example, organizations that need skills and need to hire quickly, and on the other hand companies that have the opposite situation, healthcare and the hospitality industry are two examples. Here you may quickly need to train to adjust. The city has both training opportunities and contacts with organizations that have training and shorter efforts to be able to quickly help in the adjustment that we now need to make.

We are ready to support and help with both networking, mediation of contacts and to talk about training initiatives so that we can all continue to Draw our straw to Stockholm.

Participate in networks and contribute
to different initiatives

Our collaboration with your organization or your company can be in different forms. You choose what you can and how you want to contribute. You are always welcome to contact us to discuss and ask questions.

The integration pact

Help to find solutions that promote integration and job creation. Become part of the integration pact.

In 2019, the City of Stockholm took the initiative for the Integration Pact. It is a member network with employers from

  • private business
  • civil society
  • public sector.

Become a job partner

Stockholm offers you the opportunity to become a job partner. As a job partner, you get access to a living network of different industries and companies.

Work experience programme

Take the chance to showcase your business to tomorrow's workers, and receive a student for two weeks.

Become a Stockholm mentor

As a Stockholm mentor, you who are or have been active in Stockholm's working life have the opportunity to change the life of a newly arrived Stockholmer or others who have moved here from other countries.

There are three mentoring programs:

  • vocational
  • language
  • mentor to a youth.

Supervisor Training

Coaching and mentorship in the workplace, CMA, is aimed at supervisors at employers and organizations with which the City of Stockholm's labor market administration collaborates. It is a training for supervisors in the workplace to develop in their role as supervisors. To create good conditions in the workplace in the reception of jobseekers or students from the administration's activities.

For those of you who are employees in one of the labor markets and want more information, you are welcome to contact us via e-mail:

If you become involved as a mentor in any of the mentor programs within the framework of Stockholm Mentor, you are welcome to take part in the mentor training!

Date for training starts 2022:

CMA – in-depth supervision with intercultural competence increase, 2 days

Thursday 6 October and 20 October at 10.00–12.00

Thursday 17 November and 1 December at 10:00–12:00

Contribute to broadened recruitment

People with disability and functional variance often find it difficult to enter the labor market. By recruiting, you can both make an effort to change it and get a good employee.

Receiving a summer-intern youth

Municipal activities, entrepreneurs to the city and non-profit associations have the opportunity to receive the city's holiday workers. Holiday jobs are often young people's first contact with working life and therefore your workplace is needed to create this opportunity for our young Stockholmers.

More initiatives from the City of Stockholm

The City of Stockholm works in several ways to strengthen the labor market.

Employment-promoting requirements in procurements with the city are something we use to strengthen the labor market.

We are also working

  • to develop our municipal fixed-term employment – Stockholm Job
  • job rotation to both increase the competence of existing staff and recruit new employees to the city of Stockholm.