Find and develop employees

Do you need to hire, or are you looking to secure your future workforce? Here are opportunities of collaboration with the City!

Find and develop your future employees, become a Job partner!

Follow in the footsteps of companies such as Gröna Lund and Ambea, and collaborate with us on new educations and internships. Together with your commitment, we can find and develop your future staff.

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Create an inclusive workplace

Do you want to take your integration strategies to the next level? We have created a network with over 400 companies and organisations to strengthen inclusion and integration in the labor market. Join us to test and evaluate new ideas around skills supply, recruitment and inclusion!

Influence the skills of your future workforce

Join us in developing the city's adult education to ensure that we create a future-ready workforce that meets the needs of your industry. Help us shape the city's own vocational training or the SFI training with a focus on various jobs, and stand prepared to recruit from a pool of recent graduates.

Welcome a student for an internship

Take the chance to showcase your business to students looking for an internship. Who knows, maybe you will find your future staff.

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Broaden your recruitment – we help you find people with the right skills

Many talented people with functional diversity want to return to working life. Do you want to open the doors to your business? We help you find people with the right skills and offer support during the internship.  

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Make a difference as a mentor

Being able to share experiences and skills is not only rewarding. It’s also an opportunity to change the life of those who are entering the labor market or those who are newly arrived in the city. Take the chance to become a professional mentor, language mentor or mentor to a young person.

Develop in your role as a supervisor

For organisations that collaborate with the City of Stockholm's labor market administration, we offer training to allow you to develop in your role as a supervisor or mentor. The training gives you the best conditions to succeed as a supervisor at your workplace or as a mentor to someone who is entering the labor market.

Attract international talent

Take part in the city's joint communication efforts to attract international talent! Together with other companies, we highlight Stockholm's values ​​and strengths in order to attract talent. If you want to know more about our marketing initiatives, contact Invest Stockholm at Stockholm Business Region.

Support for your international employees

We have collected everything your international talents need to know before, during and after their move to Stockholm. There’s also plenty of guidance from people who have already made the move.