Integrationspakten is a network of more than 400 organizations from the business, non-profit and public sector, who want to play their part for Stockholm and contribute to a more inclusive labour market.

Play your part for Stockholm

Integrationspakten was launched by the City of Stockholm in 2019. It is the members that create the content and direction of the integration pact. The City of Stockholm is both a member as well as a facilitator of the network.

Integrationspakten has three goals:

  • Support employers in the challenge of finding needed competence and workforce
  • Enable a fast track to the Swedish language, education and the labour market
  • Strengthen the integration in Stockholm by enabling more people to actively participate in the labour market and to provide for themselves through an employment

The target group of Integrationspakten is newly arrived migrants, and others who have difficulties entering the labour market in Stockholm.

Integrationspakten offers members:

  • access to member activities
  • a platform for inspiration and knowledge, exchange of ideas and experiences
  • visualization of member’s activities and engagement
  • possibilities of new partnerships and business opportunities
  • a closer dialogue and possibilities for long-term co-operation with the City of Stockholm

The purpose of the network is to optimize the results of the member’s ambitions and initiatives.

Members are expected to:

  • actively contribute to the network by sharing experiences, ideas and knowledge
  • invite other members to take part in your own activities and initiative
  • act ambassadors for Integrationspakten and actively communicate your engagement through your own communication channels

The integration pact offers possibilities for long-term co-operation with the City of Stockholm

Members who want to take their own work on integration and inclusion further are offered several possibilities for in-depth and long-term co-operation with the City of Stockholm, such as Job Partnership Agreements, Mentorship Programmes, participation in the design of new vocational training programmes, summer job possibilities for youngsters etc. Members are also encouraged to approach the integration pact with their own ideas and initiatives.