Stockholm Scaleup Program

Do you wish to develop your company? In collaboration with Stockholm's startup scene, we offer a free of charge growth-focused program for companies in Stockholm.

The program is aimed at companies that are founded by at least one underrepresented entrepreneur and have the potential to grow nationally or internationally.

How is the program designed?

The program offers support from business advisors, leadership coaches, meetings with investors and networking with other entrepreneurs.

The program will have multiple group starts each year. Every group engage in a four months long program containing of:

  • Group meetings with focus on sharing and learning amongst the entrepreneurs on different themes.
  • Business advise from experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders tailored to the participant's needs.
  • Coaching with a focus on developing the participant as a leader.
  • Scaling toolkit for online training.
  • Access to digital lectures, templates etc.
  • Pitch training and networking with investors.

Stockholm Scaleup Program will also arrange networking meetups, where participants from different program groups can meet.

Apply to the program

Admission is ongoing. Apply to participate in Stockholm Scaleup Program by filling out the form below.

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Application process

  1. The first step in the application process is to submit an expression of interest in the form above.
  2. After registration, you will be asked to send in more information about your company, business model, market, customers, sales etcetera. You may also submit a short pitch.
  3. The companies that live up to all criteria are interviewed.
  4. The program group processes all applications and then announces those who have been admitted to the program.

The program will continuously accept applications to fill the groups before each program start, so submit your application now. 

Groups are put together with regard to the phase the companies are in and the application is therefore open for several group starts at the same time.

The program is completely free of charge.