The Stockholm Climate Pact

The Climate Pact enhancing cooperation with local business to achieve climate goals.

Stockholm is to be fossil-free and climatepositive by 2040. By 2023, total greenhouse gas emissions in a growing Stockholm shall have been reduced to a maximum of 1.5 tonnes of CO2e per resident.

The City of Stockholm is to be a fossil-free organisation by 2030 with reduced greenhouse gas emissions — maximum 105,000 tonnes CO2e from the City’s operations

A climate-smart Stockholm means incorporating the climate goal into all municipal operations and assigning a clear responsibility to municipal committees and companies to coordinate and promote action. It also requires close collaboration with residents, businesses and other at a time when the population is rising rapidly.

Success factors in climate work

Successful climate work reinforces Stockholm’s competitive status and is linked to extensive welfare and new job opportunities in “a city for everyone”. Success in rendering its own organisation fossil fuel free by 2030 will established the City of Stockholm as a forerunner that paves the way forward for others to follow.

Work to address climate issues places special demands on regulation and follow-up, as it extends over a long period of time and involves many sectors and stakeholders, both internal and external. The City Executive Board has overall responsibility for strategic climate work in Stockholm.

The City needs to work with external players to achieve its fossil-free goal. The Stockholm Climate Pact is a good example of long-term cooperation with trade and industry. In addition, residents are being informed through communication initiatives that provides tools to help residents reduce their climate impact.

The Stockholm Climate Pact

The Stockholm Climate Pact is a network between the City of Stockholm, businesses and organisations with the purpose to gather forces and exchange ideas and experiences to help Stockholm reducing GHG emissions and other negative environmental impacts in Stockholm.

The Climate Pact is coordinated by the Vice Mayor Katarina Luhr with responsibility for environmental and climate affairs. At present there are 330 companies that are members.

It has more than ten years of climate and environmental cooperation, founded in September 2007 by Vice Mayor Ulla Hamilton and 7 companies.

Content for the members

  • Signatory lunches
  • Seminars
  • Study visits
  • Breakfast meetings
  • Annual gatherings
  • Newsletter

The annual gathering is an important event held at the end of the year in the Stockholm City Hall, with prominent guest speakers. and is very well appreciated by the participants.

Climate Pact +

The Climate Pact Plus network started by Vice Mayor Katarina Luhr 2016 for advanced companies working for, as the city of Stockholm, to be fossil-free by 2030. They must comply with a minimum of 15/32 measures. At present there are 60 members.

Topics of collaboration:

  • Fossil free organisation 2030
  • Climate and energy goals
  • Strategic environmental work
  • Sustainable electricity and heating
  • Sustainable transport
  • Resource efficient waste handling
  • Environmental requirements in purchasing
  • Environmental benefits to customers and partners