Apply for the Stockholm Innovation Scholarship

With the Stockholm Innovation Scholarship, the City of Stockholm wants to reward creative people with bright ideas and encourage them to further develop those ideas. Are you the one we are looking for?

What does the scholarship mean?

The Stockholm Innovation Scholarship is awarded to five innovators in different categories: Simplify everyday life, Creative industries, Life science and health, Travel and turism, and Social impact and sustainability.

Each scholarship winner receives

  • 100 000 SEK
  • innovation coaching from Almi
  • marketing and networking opportunities
  • free workspace at United Spaces for six months.

Stockholm Innovation Scholarship, award ceremony 2020

The jury selected three finalists per category. The finalists were then invited to a digital scholarship award ceremony, where Mayor of Stockholm Anna König Jerlmyr announced the winners.

Relive the digital award ceremony below.

All the winners are listed in Invest Stockholms press release.

How to apply

The application period for the Stockholm Innovation Scholarship 2021 opens on August 17 and closes on October 12 at 4 pm. Find out more about how to apply in our guide. 

Previous years’ finalists may apply for the Acceleration Scholarship


Every scholarship category of Stockholm Innovation Scholarship and Stockholm Acceleration Scholarship has dedicated jury members. They have expertise and experience within both innovation and the category’s specific industry.

Every jury member will sign a non-disclosure agreement, NDA, so that applicants can safely share and present their innovation. We endeavour to renew the jury every five years.

Lotta Ahlvar
Chair of Design Sweden and Project Manager Stockholm Design Events, Stockholmsmässan, Category Chair

Hans Aspgren
Acting CEO, Invest Stockholm Business Region

Sebastian Fuchs
Chairman, SUP46

Marie Gillstam
Innovation Advisor, Almi

William Jilltoft
Associate, Northzone

Dr. Pernilla Jonsson
Head of Consumer & IndustryLab, Ericsson Research, Ericsson

Kristoffer Svedulf
Designer/Co-founder, Playful Design Studio

Helena Waker
VD, Association of Trade Partners Sweden/Agenturföretagen, Category Chair

Katrin Behdjou Arshi
Culture pilot/strategist, Department of Culture, City of Stockholm

Tobias Degsell
Founder, Combiner, previous Curator at Nobel Museum

Nils von Heijne
Entrepreneur, angel investor, Wishful.

Sara Herrlin
Founder and CEO, STHLM Music City, previously manager of International EMI Virgin Music

Petra Stenvall-Thomson
Marketing, Members and Sales manager, Alma

Lars Wiigh
Board member and chairman of several companies and organizations specializing in areas including democracy support, culture sector growth, and skills development.

Ola Cornelius
CEO, Nerve, Co-founder H2 Health Hub, Category Chair

Eric Ljunggren
Head of Communications & Policy at KRY

Sara Gunnerås
Community Manager, Karolinska Institutet Science Park

Jesper Kjellerås
Founder, CEO, ImpactHub Stockholm

Patric Rylander
Executive Director, Elderly Services Administration, City of Stockholm

Ylva Williams
CEO, Stockholm Science City

Caroline Strand 
CEO, Visit Stockholm, Category Chair

Stina Algotson 
CEO, BFUF (the R&D Fund of the Swedish Tourism & Hospitality Industry)

Martin Carlsson-Wall
Director, Center for Sport and Business, Stockholm School of Economics

Åsa Minoz 
Head of Communications, Viable Cities, KTH

Peter Skogh
Museum Director, Tekniska Museet

Lisa Enarsson
Project Manager, Environment and Health administration, City of Stockholm, Category Chair

Erik U. Lindblom
Researcher, modelling of urban water systems, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and Lund University

Fayyad Assali
Operational Manager, Mentor Sverige
Board member, Changers Hub

Katja Bergman
Partner, Co-founder Brightly Ventures, Co-founder MOOR, Co-founder Pipebeach

Lisen Oliw
Managing Director Nordics, Norrsken Foundation

Malin Strand
Policy Expert and Project Manager, Fossil Free Sweden (Government Offices of Sweden)

Markus Wråke
CEO, Energiforsk (Swedish Energy Research Centre)

Previous scholarship winners

Simplify everyday life

Scholar: Fredrik Karlberg (team Martin Sjögren and Erik Klerelid)
Innovation: Jonna – bicycle leasing with included on-demand service and rolling-guarantee.

Creative industries

Scholar: Lin Kowalska (team Felix Andersson, Eric Heimer, Gustav Malmqvist, Agnes Stenberg, Elin Nyman, Linnea Litsberger, Piyush Pankaj and Katharina Kuylenstierna)
Innovation: Popswap – an app that enables a constantly updated and circular wardrobe by letting users swipe, match, and exchange clothes with each other.

Life science and health

Scholar: Noushin Emami, Lech Ignatowicz (team Raimondas Mozuraitis, Melika Hajkazemian, Johan Paleovrachas, Aleksandra Gromnicka and Katarina Renman Claesson)
Innovation: Mosquito only spray – a sustainable and environmentally friendly agent that can control and eliminate the deadliest animals on our planet, the mosquitoes.

Travel and tourism

Scholar: Jakob Rudberg (team Evelina Möller and Adam Åbonde Garke)
Innovation: Stockholms Kajakled – establishes Stockholm's archipelago as a world-leading kayak destination through a route for safer and more fun kayaking among the archipelago's 30,000 islands.

Social impact and sustainability

Scholar: Eva Björkman
Innovation: Activated limestone for a living Baltic Sea – binds phosphorus in the bottom sediment so emissions that cause algal blooms are reduced.

Simplify everyday life

Scholar: Christoffer Grip (team Hamed Mohammadpour).
Innovation: Change Portal. The digital link between real estate companies.

Creative industries

Scholar: Adam Hasslert (team John Granström, Kai Sugannasil and Fredrik Bergstrand).
Innovation: Soundation - real-time collaboration. Produce music together without restriction.

Life science and health

Scholar: Mitchell McLaren Isakka (team Moa Linder, Sushrut Shastri and Kristin Asker).
Innovation: Endometrix. An app that tracks gynecological symptoms and treatments, and with the help of AI provides personalized recommendations and insights focusing on endometriosis.

Travel and tourism

Scholar: Anna Millan (team Dan Paech, Rodrigo Lozano and Hanna Barrebo).
Innovation: The 100 Point Challenge. A unique opportunity to experience, discover and compete together in the city, where it is YOU VS THE CITY.

Social impact and sustainability

Scholar: Thibault Helle. 
Innovation: Labtrino/CubicMeter™ – Intelligent house water meter system. A system that eliminates water overconsumption by creating awareness through innovative measurement technology. The water meters are patent-pending, wireless and non-invasive, which means they can be installed without plumbing or plumbing.

Simplify everyday life

Scholar: Axel Magnusson (team Niclas Roos, Erik Lundin).
Innovation: PANQ. Makes the process of getting control of your debt as easy as getting into it.

Creative industries

Scholar: Hedvig Ahlgren (team Jonas Hermann, Markus Wallentin, Robin Bugdahn and Stefan Hellqvist).
Innovation: Stagecast. An interaction and augmented reality platform for live entertainment events.

Life science and health

Scholar: Carina Franzén (team Fritzi Töpfer).
Innovation: Amma. A digital midwife in your pocket, always ready to support mothers who are struggling with their breastfeeding.

Travel and tourism

Scholar: Max Dyrhage (team Håkan Dyrhage, Emil Karlsson, Oscar Melin).
Innovation: Cheffle. An online meeting place for professionals, solving the recruitment problem in the hospitality industry.

Social impact and sustainability

Scholar: Anna Leinder (team Peter Leinder).
Innovation: Diretto. A platform for creating new paths into the labour market.


Scholar: Dongfang Li, Jonatan Henschen and Monica Ek.
Innovation: FineCell. A method for producing high quality nanocellulose at a reasonable cost for industrial use.


Scholar: Elias Nilsson.
Innovation: Viking Line Boat Transfer. A solution for effective transportation within Stockholm’s waterway, which eases traffic congestion in the inner city.

Creative industries

Scholar: Malin Bobeck.
Innovation: Those who affected me. An interactive light-emitting textile sculpture that turns the public into co-creators.


Scholar: Natalie de Brun Skantz, Robin Lee and Petter Olsson.
Innovation: Grönska. A highly effective indoor cultivation system for producing herbs and vegetables locally.

Everyday products

Scholar: Martha Brauer. 
Innovation: Mediating objects. An innovative tool that primarily is used for communication with children who have suffered a trauma.

Life science

Scholar: Tommi Rinne and Karri Suddenbach.
Innovation: Backrefresh seat system. A smart chair that cures and prevents a slipped disc.


Scholar: Leo Sydow, Viktor Broberg, Johan Brunedal, Deniss Karavajev, and Samuel Jaeger. 
Innovation: Buildsafe. A digital solution to increase security in construction projects.


Scholar: Andreas Söderberg, Bengt Adolfsson, and Martin Stenbäck.
Innovation: Next Seal. An innovative technology to seal compressors to prevent methane gas emissions.

Cultural and creative industries

Scholar: Wu Jing, Ellen Sundh, Ric Wasserman, Runo Andersson, Jan Bengtson, and Andreas Ahlin.
Innovation: TactSense. A tactile communication tool that can be used by a music director and visually impaired musicians.

Everyday products

Scholar: Caroline von Post. 
Innovation: Stormie Poodle. Creating children's clothing made from discarded hotel textiles.


Scholar: Meyser Abduljabbar, and Arish Karadaghi.
Innovation: Corso. A digital service that makes it more affordable and enjoyable to get a driver's license.

Tourism industry

Scholar: Gustav Brandt, Teodor Linder, and Oskar Otterskog.
Innovation: Gearmondo. A modern marketplace for the rental of sports equipment.

Life science

Scholar: Henrik Ljungberg, Björn Nordlund, and Martin Löfbom.
Innovation: AsthmaTuner. A digital self-care concept for asthmatics.


Scholar: Fritjof Andersson.
Innovation: RelationDesk. A digital tool for customer relations.


Scholar: Camilla Byrinder.
Innovation: QualiFare. A tool for meal time optimization.

Cultural and creative industries

Scholar: Sanna Nilsson, Lovisa Levin, Rosalyn Knapp, and Marcus Lindström.
Innovation: Codarica. A coding app for children.

Everyday products

Scholar: Hans Hällström.
Innovation: Tubeix. A product for bicycles.


Scholar: Jonas Bohman, and Ulrika Bohman.
Innovation: CityFlow. A navigation system for professional drivers.

Tourism industry

Scholar: Rebecka Pershagen.
Innovation: Tempus Fugit. A location-specific soundwalk app.

Life science

Scholar: Oliver Mohseni, Khurram Yousaf, Gunilla Ajne, and Magnus Westgren. 
Innovation: Genit, Handle with care. A product for childbirth.


Scholar: Mårten Persson, Dimitris Giannoccaro, and Falah Hosini.
Innovation: P2ALS. A cloud-based service that makes it easier for innovators to work with patents.


Scholar: Adrian Jose Cabezas Morales.
Innovation: Nano Control. A patented unique solution for air filtration.

Cultural and creative industries

Scholar: Johan Wellton.
Innovation: Pendulum Playground. A scene construction that combines light, body, and motion.

Everyday products

Scholar: Vilho Eriksson. 
Innovation: Easytap. A product that simplifies bag-in-box refilling and makes the content last longer.


Scholar: Josefine Wahlberg and Marie Altus.
Innovation: Jiddr. A chat app for youth.

Tourism industry

Scholar: Ludvig Linse and Oskar Linse.
Innovation: Spontano. A mobile visitors guide.

Life science

Scholar: Per Srisophon Stensved and Jonas Stensved. 
Innovation: HeProCalc. A real-time measurement of medicine dosage during open heart surgery.

Background to Stockholm Innovation Scholarship

Founded in 1985, the Stockholm Innovation Scholarship is the City of Stockholm’s official innovation scholarship. The scholarship is organized by Invest Stockholm, the official investment promotion agency of the City of Stockholm.

Since 2013, the Innovation Scholarship also has an external financier, Stiftelsen Agne Johanssons Minnesfond, which promotes the development of inventions, innovation and entrepreneurship.