Stockholm Scaleup Program

Are you a foreign-born female entrepreneur looking to grow your business? This free program offers support from business coaches, meetings with investors, and networking with other female entrepreneurs.

How is the program designed?

In collaboration with Stockholm's startup scene, Stockholm Scaleup Program will accept foreign-born female entrepreneurs for a unique growth-focused program that will have multiple group starts during 2021.

Every group engage in a program containing of:

  • Workshops, arranged every other week. The workshops are 3 hours long. 
  • Growth coaching from experienced business advisors, tailored to the participant's needs.
  • Coaching with a focus on developing the participant as a leader.
  • Pitch training and networking with investors.

Stockholm Scaleup Program will also arrange networking meetups, where participants from different program groups can meet.

Apply to the program

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Privacy policy

The program will continuously accept applications to fill the groups before each program start, so submit your application now. However, apply no later than October 24 to the last group. The program is completely free of charge.

Due to the corona pandemic, networking meetups and the program itself might partly or entirely be held digitally, depending on how the situation develops.

About Stockholm Scaleup Program

Read more about the background of the project, partners, and communication material.

For Stockholm's long term development to be socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable, initiatives are required to support and enable all potential growth.

Statistics show that foreign-born women do not use business development support infrastructure to the same extent as Swedish born women, despite the fact that self-employment among foreign-born women is extensive.

Because of this, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth announced an initiative with the aim of increasing the proportion of foreign-born women who receive business development support, where Stockholm Scaleup Program is one of the projects that were granted project funding within the framework of the initiative.


The program is funded by Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, and run by Invest Stockholm together with the municipality of Botkyrka, the municipality of Nacka, the municipality of Sollentuna, and the City of Sundbyberg.